Gabee 2018

Update from Pippa

Pippa is keeping us all on our toes these days, busy exploring and learning. She now weighs in just over 25 pounds at 4 months old, and thinks this B.C. snow is pretty fun! She’s a really happy, sweet girl and we’re lucky to have her in our family.

Gabee 2018

Archway’s Ariya

Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Ariya. We got her a dog bed and she loved it. She’s now at least 25lbs and her appetite is healthy. She’s knows more tricks and knows that she’ll get a treat if she co-operates. Ariya loves to test her limits all the time. LOL

Gabee 2018

Archway’s Pippa ,

off to be a therapy girl!

From her new owners….

Hi Betty Ann,

Thought I would send you a quick note to say that Pippa has settled into her new home quite smoothly and is charming everyone who comes to visit. I have attached some photos that I hope confirms for you that she is a happy girl.

Thanks so much for everything.

Such a pretty girl!